The Macao Cultural Centre was founded in 1999 and remains a modern space that marks the cityscape surround it. Its several venues open for the Macao audience provide quality programmes, such as performances, conferences, exhibitions, among other projects organized by CCM or hirers.

With a total area of 45.000 m², the Centre includes a building with an area of 11.920 m² with 5 floors, including a complex with two auditoriums, an art museum and Handover Gifts Museum.

The complex of auditoria is composed of two venues for performances: The Grand Auditorium, with capacity for 1,076 spectators and the Small Auditorium for smaller shows and movies, with 389 seats. Both halls have simultaneous interpretation booths, as well as the most sophisticated sound and light systems.

Besides the auditoria, there are other important spaces in the complex as a conference room with capacity for 200 persons, Rehearsal room for orchestra, music and dance studios, multi-purpose rehearsal room, VIP room, etc. The Cultural Centre also has Parking Lot, Box office and a reception desk and is served by a Wi-Fi system.

The art museum has five exhibition halls with an approximate area of 4,000 m2, plus a conference room and a multimedia library. This is the largest space dedicated to visual arts in Macao.


Macao Science Center (MSC) aims to promote science popularization and education among local adolescents, to compliment tourism development in Macao and to provide a regional platform for science education, convention and exhibition.

The Exhibition Center has 12 permanent galleries of different themes and 2 galleries reserved for special exhibitions. These exhibitions feature scientific knowledge-oriented and interesting interactive exhibits that allow visitors to explore science in a hands-on way.

Awarded the highest resolution 3D planetarium by the Guinness World Records since 2011, the Planetarium is known for its powerful database and ultra-high 3D definition projection system that allow the audience to travel freely in space. Wearing specially made glasses, the audience can enjoy 3D projections on the dome-shaped screen. The system is also capable of showing digital dome shows, making the Planetarium a multi-functional dome theatre.

The Convention Center consists of a multi-functional Convention Hall and 4 Meeting Rooms. It is ideal for different kinds of meetings, lectures, seminars and award presentations. Supporting facilities include a gift shop, restaurants and a nursery room, providing visitors with a full range of services.