Industry hub this year introduces a new initiative called Macao Forum, in which industry delegates get together in closed sessions to discuss and debate key issues affecting the film business today.

Three small groups of industry professionals will spend 40 minutes discussing their topic around a table, as chaired by a table host (4-5 industry participants on each table and one host). After the allocated time, delegates move onto the next table (some delegates might only participate less than 3 runs, depending on final allocations), while the hosts stay put.

The intention is to have lively, candid and “off the record” conversations, about key topics of the day. The sessions will be held behind closed doors so that delegates can speak freely and in detail. They bring together different members of the industry with different skillsets and backgrounds.

At the end of the three closed sessions, everyone is welcome to attend an open, public meeting where the table hosts and moderators will present conclusions – points of common concern, information and action points – on each topic.


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