The Last Recipe
Japan | 2017 | 126’ | DCP | Colour | Japanese | Group: B

Director: Yojiro Takita

Dec 10 (Sun) 19:30 Macao Cultural Centre – G.A.

Mitsuru Sasaki is a formerly renowned chef who now capitalizes on his gift—remembering every flavor he’s ever tasted — to earn a living by recreating memorable dishes as last meals. But all his earnings go to paying off the debt from his failed restaurant. One day, he’s contacted by Qingming Yang, a titan in the culinary world in China. Mitsuru is flown to Beijing, where Yang asks him to search for a recipe that’s gone missing — the “Great Japanese Imperial Feast”, a 112-dish course meal commissioned by the Japanese military in the 1930’s as a historic feast to honor the Emperor on his visit to Manchukuo.



Born in Japan in 1955, Yojiro Takita started his career in soft-core features called “pink” films before breaking into the mainstream with Comic Magazine (1986), a low budget guerrilla production about a self-loathing TV reporter on the celebrity gossip beat. Since then, he has made over 20 features including Onmyoji: The Ying Yang Master (2001) and its sequel Onmyoji 2 (2003), When The Last Sword Is Drawn
(2002) and Departures, which was sold in multiple territories and won the Oscar for best foreign language film in 2008. The Last Recipe opened in cinemas in Japan on Nov 3.

Director Yojiro Takita

Producer Masashi Yagi

Cast Kazunari Ninomiya

Scriptwriter Tamio Hayashi

Cinematographer Takeshi Hamada

Editor Hidemi Lee

Production Design Kyoko heya


Music Yugo Hanno

Sound Design

Production Pipeline Co., Ltd.

Distributor Golden Scence Company Ltd.

World Sales Toho Co., Ltd.