LVP Screening 1 – Group C
(Between the Lies; Ka Cha; Gin, Sake and Margarita, Hato’s Journey, Illegalist, The Age Of Hangover)
Dec 12 (Tue) 15:00 Cultural Centre Small Auditorium
LVP Screening 2 – Group B
(Pass On; Grandmas; Pedaling Life)
Dec 14 (Thu) 12:00 Cinematheque Passion
LVP Screening 3 – Group B
(San Va Hotel Behind the Scenes; My Work Place; A Long Fishing Journey)
Dec 14 (Thu) 14:00 Cinematheque Passion
LVP Screening 4 – Group B
(Ten for Perfection; My Days in An Apartment)
Dec 14 (Thu) 16:00 Cinematheque Passion

Nurturing indie filmmaking with Local View Power

Over the last decade, Macao’s cinematographic arts developed tremendously, with the surge of various promoting entities boosting local film production. Local View Power, a film-commissioning project by the Macao Cultural Centre, under the auspices of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, stimulates and nurtures creative works by local filmmakers since 2007, offering opportunities for the aspiring filmmakers to start projects, and for seasoned ones to grow further. The beneficiaries are given both technical and financial support to complete their productions, including a mentorship scheme where the teams are guided by guest professionals. These ten editions were enthusiastically received with participants submitting over 500 proposals, a dynamic flow that has resulted in 104 new works (including 75 documentaries, 15 short features and 14 documentaries), some of them awarded and screened overseas, reaching audiences in Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, the U.S., Germany and many other places, along with educational screenings at schools. Local View Power is devoted to help our filmmakers in the pursuit of their dreams to create innovative works, consolidating their career paths as independent filmmakers and impelling our film industry into a brighter future.


Between the lies
Macao | 2017 | 7.42′ |  Animation 

Director: Ka Choi Lou, Kin Leong


During the Great Chinese Famine, a maiden called Flower gets sick due to malnutrition. Her father steals some millet to make her a bowl of rice. After getting better, Flower tells people that she had some rice. When an official hears about this, Flower’s father is immediately arrested. Guilty and heart-broken, Flower believes that her words have killed her father.

Macao | 2017 | 3.23′ |Animation

Director: Kin Hang Sam


A boy who was scared to get a haircut is dragged by his dad to the barber shop. In the boy’s frightened eyes, the barber was just like a scary cannibal. However, when the professional reveals his skills with the scissors, the little boy is no longer afraid.

Fiction Feature

The Age of Hangover
Macao | 2017 | 63′ | Short Feature | Cantonese

Director: Mike AFong Ao Ieong


Gassi, Lily and Sun are in a concert when they meet Yoko, Sun’s ex-girlfriend. Together, they spend their days getting drunk, crying out their depressions in a subtle but destructive way. As Gassi breaks up with his girlfriend, he becomes intimate with Yoko. Shocked by the sudden change, Sun releases his anger by taking revenge on Yoko.

Gin, Sake, Margarita
Macao | 2017 | 19.32′ |  Short Feature | Cantonese

Director: Peeko Wong


“Love will tear us apart, but Art will keep us alive”
One night, three artists meet in a bar and raise a same question: why do we make art? Although they know it is not easy to answer, at least they are not alone.

Hato’s Journey
Macao | 2017 | 9.45′ | Short Feature | Toishan Language, Cantonese

Director: Jess Hao


On the day typhoon Hato struck Macao, Kimi was still determined to come over from Zhuhai, just to bring a few little gifts to his sister Siu Mui who is working in the city. When he finally arrives, he is surprised by what he finds out….

Macao | 2017  | 25.16′ | Short Feature | Cantonese, Mandarin

Director: Penny Lam


Two mainland Chinese come to Macao to work illegally, one at a construction site and the other as a sex-worker. The changes on the policy towards illegal workers and the increment on penalties complicate their situation, merging altogether their lives, wealth and their ways out.


Pass On
Macao | 2017 | 36.44′  Documentary | Cantonese

Director: Benz Wong


Although the Family is society’s smallest unit, home education may greatly influence the development of the city in a subtle and gradual manner. What kind of beliefs can a man raised from a grassroots family pass to the next generation?

Macao | 2017 | 45′ | Documentary | Cantonese, Mandarin, Po-cheng-hua

Director: Kin Kuan Chao


When my parents decided to take both my grandmothers under the same roof, life remained stable, despite the fact that one of them was plagued by mental illness. As time went by, however, the problems slowly started to emerge.

Pedaling Life
Macao | 2017 | 15 ‘ | Documentary | Cantonese

Director: Dennis Ng, Levine Ho


There was a time when the Macao cycling team could compete with other Asian teams. Over the years, the teams from neighboring regions kept improving, whereas the progress of Macao slowed down. Despite the lack of support, there are still people passionate about cycling who haven’t given up. Focusing on retired and current cyclists, this documentary tells stories about cycling in Macao and how much this passion has changed people’s lives.

San Va Hotel – Behind the Scenes
Macao | 2017 |  37.50′ | Documentary | Cantonese, Mandarin, Portuguese, English

Director: Vanessa Pimentel, Yves Etiene Sonolet


Taking the shooting of a feature film in Macao as a starting point, “San Va Hotel – Behind the Scenes” is a film about movie making. Set in Rua da Felicidade, the historical gambling and entertainment district, memories and fiction blend together to brush a picture of the city between past and present.

My Work Place
Macao | 2017 | 40′ | Documentary | Cantonese

Director: Kiwi Chan


With so many casinos set up in Macao, factories seem to be part of a long forgotten past. However, the old buildings’ vitality is still influencing the city. This is a story about factories, families and workers. From the owners to the deliverymen, these stories inspire a whole generation.

A Long Fishing Journey
Macao | 2017 | 18.30′ |  Documentary | Cantonese

Director: Man Hin Wong


Fishing has become an inseparable part of a man born and raised in Macao. He travels around the world every year and insists on fishing with lures. This year, he took up a challenge at the Spratly Islands, an archipelago where he is returning to fish a 30kg Dogtooth Tuna. Will his dream come true?

Ten for Perfection
Macao | 2017 | 68.32′ | Documentary | Cantonese, English

Director: Alice Kok


Established for over 10 years, the “Art For All” association gathers a group of local visual artists. This documentary has visited 10 of them, young and mature, in order to reveal their works and experiences throughout the past decade. This film explores the artists’ creative path.

My Days in An Apartment
Macao | 2017 | 29.20′ |  Documentary | Cantonese, Mandarin

Director: Cheok Mei Lei


A retired civil engineer took part in hundreds of construction projects and is now 80 years old. Time passes by and things change, leaving slight warmth. This story is about an old house and an old man, who have made each other company for decades in a peaceful and intimate way.