Journey’s End

UK | 2017 | 107’ | DCP | Colour | English | Group: B

Director: Saul Dibb

Dec 9 (Sat) 18:45 Macao Cultural Centre – G.A
Guest Appearance

Below film delegation will have meet and greet session with the audience before the screening.

Actor: Asa Butterfield
Producer: Guy de Beaujeu
Producer and Screenwriter: Simon Reade


It is March 1918 and World War I has been raging for nearly four years. C-Company arrives to take its turn in the front line trenches of northern France, led by the war weary Captain Stanhope. With a German offensive imminently approaching, the officers and their cook use food and the memories of their lives before the war to distract themselves, while Stanhope soaks his fear in whisky. When a naive young officer Raleigh arrives fresh with excitement about his first posting, a new tension arrives in the trenches as the attack draws ever closer.


Saul Dibb

The UK’s Saul Dibb spent a decade making documentaries before his first feature film Bullet Boy in 2003 which won him an Evening Standard Award for best newcomer. He directed the popular TV adaptation of best-selling novel The Line Of Beauty (2006) before two more feature films The Duchess (2008) starring Keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes and Suite Francaise (2013) with Michelle Williams and Matthias Schoenearts. In 2016, he made an award-winning TV film of Zadie Smith’s novel NW before moving onto his fourth feature Journey’s End.

Director Saul Dibb

Producer Guy de Beaujeu, Simon Reade

Cast Sam Claflin, Paul Bettany, Asa Butterfield, Tom Sturridge, Toby Jones, Stephen Graham

Scriptwriter Simon Reade

Cinematographer Laurie Rose

Editor Tania Reddin

Production Design Kristian Milsted

Sound Bryn Thomas

Music Hildur Gudnadóttir

Sound Design Bryn Thomas

Production Fluidity Films


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