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Kind Hearts and Coronets
UK | 1949 | 106’ | DCP | Black and White | English | Group: B

Director: Robert Hamer

Dec 12 (Tue)22:05Cinematheque‧Passion

Son of an aristocrat and a commoner, Louis d’Ascoyne Mazzini is ninth in order of succession of a British dukedom. With meticulousness and imagination, he eliminates the eight members of the d’Ascoyne family who separate him from the coveted title. Sentenced for another crime he did not commit, he writes his memoirs in prison. In his manuscript, he tells with panache how he eliminated the members of his family.


Robert Hamer

British film director Robert Hamer was born in 1911 and began his film career as a film editor, with credits including Alfred Hitchcock’s Jamaica Inn (1939), before working on documentaries during the war. He moved to Ealing Studios after the war, directing one of the sections of the classic horror compendium Dead Of Night (1945) before his three Ealing classics Pink String And Sealing Wax (1946), It’s Always Fair Weather (1947) and Kind Hearts And Coronets (1949). Before his death in 1963, he made a further three films with Kind Hearts star Alec Guinness including Father Brown (1954) and The Scapegoat (1959).

DirectorRobert Hamer

ProducerMichael Balcon

CastAlec Guinness, Dennis Price, Valerie Hobson, Joan Greenwood

ScriptwriterRobert Hamer

CinematographerDouglas Slocombe

EditorPeter Tanner

Production DesignWilliam Kellner

SoundNorman King

MusicErnest Irving

Sound DesignStephen Dalny

ProductionEaling Studios


World SalesTamasa Distribution