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Wrath of Silence
China | 2017 | 119’ | DCP | Colour | Mandarin | Group: C

Director: Yukun Xin

Dec 10 (Sun) 18:45 Macao Cultural Centre – Small Auditorium
Guest Appearance

Below film delegation will have meet and greet session with the audience before the screening.
Director: Xin Yukun
Producer: Gao Yitian
Cast Member: Song Yang


In a small mineral mining town in the mountains of northern China, a miner Zhang Baomin returns to his small family sheep farm only to learn that his young son Lei hasn’t come back from shepherding for two days. He begins a search for the boy which stirs up anxiety, resentment and distrust among the townsfolk who turn a blind eye to the reality of a missing child. But Zhang does not stop the search even when he comes head to head with the corruption and danger that permeates the local mining business.


Yukun Xin

Born in Inner Mongolia, China in 1984, Yukun Xin graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 2008. He made his first feature film The Coffin In The Mountain in 2014 and won the best film and best director prizes at the FIRST Youth Film Festival in China before scoring a slot in the Critics Week sidebar of the Venice International Film Festival. He was one of the three Asian directors contributing a chapter each to Distance (2016), a portmanteau feature executive produced by Singapore’s Anthony Chen. Wrath Of Silence is his second feature and had its world premiere as the closing night film of the FIRST Youth Film Festival in July.

Director Yukun Xin

Producer Yitian Gao

Cast Yang Song, Wu Jiang, Wenkang Yuan, Zhuo Tan, Tiankai Yi

Scriptwriter Yukun Xin

Cinematographer Shan He

Editor Shuzhen Hu

Production Design Chuanwei Wang

Sound Danfeng Li

Music Sylvia Wang

Sound Design Danfeng Li

Productions Bingchi Pictures Co., Ltd.


World Sales Fortissimo Films