Hunting Season

Argentina, United States, France, Germany and Qatar | 2017 | 105’ | DCP | Colour | Spanish | Group: B

Director: Natalia Garagiola

Dec 9 (Sat)18:45Macao Cultural Centre – Small Auditorium

Below film delegation will have meet and greet session with the audience before the screening.

Director: Natalia Garagolia
Producers: Benjamin Domenech, Matías Roveda
Editor: Gonzalo Tobal
Cast Member: Lautaro Bettoni


Ernesto is a respected hunting guide in Patagonia, where he lives with his new family. After his first wife dies, he is forced to house his grieving teenage son Nahuel, whom he hasn’t seen for more than a decade. Confronted with the past he left behind, Ernesto struggles to contain the violent outbursts of his son. Without the sympathy of his new family, Nahuel stretches the conflict with his father to a limit. Their mutual resentment gives way to a possible relationship when they go hunting in nature. Can they forgive each other?


Natalia Garagiola

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Natalia Garagiola graduated from the Universidad del Cine and later earning an MA in screenwriting from FIA-UIMP in Spain. She has made several videos and short films: her 2012 short Mares And Parakeets was screened by the Critics Week section of the Cannes Film Festival and her 2014 short Sundays played in Directors Fortnight. Hunting Season is her first feature film; it had its world premiere in Critics Week at this year’s Venice Film Festival where it won the top prize awarded by the audience.

DirectorNatalia Garagiola

ProducerSantiago Gallelli, Matias Roveda, Benjamin Domenech, Gonzalo Tobal

CastLautaro Bettoni, Germán Palacios, Boy Olmi, Rita Pauls

ScriptwriterNatalia Garagiola

CinematographerFernando Lockett

EditorGonzalo Tobal

Production DesignMarina Raggio



Sound DesignSantiago Fumagalli

ProductionREI CINE


World SalesAlpha Violet