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Reign of Assassins

Mainland China, Taiwan Region, Hong Kong SAR | 2010 | 119’ | Bluray Disk | Colour | Mandarin, English | Group: B

Director: Chao-Bin Su

Dec 13 (Wed) 21:15 Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre

Drizzle, the best assassin in a team of deadly killers named The Dark Stone, leaves her villainous life behind after falling in love with a righteous monk and seeks out the legendary Doctor Li to give her a new face and identity – that of Zeng Ying. She also makes off with and hides the remains of the legendary Bodhi, possession of which is rumored to contain the secret the limitless power. She settles in Beijing to live a peaceful life as a civilian and eventually falls in love and marries the humble messenger Jiang Ah-Sheng, but ultimately she cannot escape her past. The Dark Stone are not far away and offer a reward for her capture.


Chao-Bin Su

Taiwan’s Chao-Bin Su started his career as a successful screenwriter and his first screenplay The Cabbie (2000) was nominated for best original screenplay at the Golden Horse Awards. He wrote hit detective thriller Double Vision (2002) and wrote and directed the comedy Better Than Sex (2002) which was the fourth highest grossing film in Taiwan that year. His other writing credits include Twenty Something Taipei (2002), co-written with India Cheng, and Tunneling (2003). In 2005, he wrote and directed Silk which was nominated for Golden Horse Awards for best film, director and screenplay, and in 2010, he wrote and directed Reign Of Assassins. Since then he wrote The Crossing (2014) and The Crossing 2 (2015) for his Reign collaborator John Woo.

Director Chao-Bin Su

Producer John Woo, Terence Chang

Cast Michelle Yeoh, Jung Woo Sung, Wang Xueqi, Barbie Hsu, Shawn Yue, Kelly Lin

Scriptwriter Chao-Bin Su

Cinematographer Horace Wong

Editor Ka-Fai Cheung

Production Design Baigui Yang


Music Peter Kam

Sound Design

Production Lion Rock Productions


World Sales Media Asia Group Limited