About the 2nd International Film Festival & Awards‧Macao

Macao, 3 November 2017

Organizing Committee

The 2nd IFFAM Organizing Committee comprises government officials, film industry professionals and more. MGTO Director Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes undertakes the role of President, while President of Macau Films & Television Productions and Culture Association (MFTPA), Alvin Chau, President of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Leong Hio Ming, and President of Management Committee of the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, José Tavares, are the Executive Vice Presidents of the IFFAM Organizing Committee.

The event is supported by different parties and entities including premium sponsors Melco Resorts & Entertainment, Galaxy Entertainment Group, Wynn Macau and Sands Resorts Macao; special sponsor Suncity Group; official venues Macao Cultural Centre and Macao Science Center; bronze sponsor MGM Macau; venue sponsor Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre; official carrier TurboJET; and official vehicle partner BMW Concessionaires (Macau) Limited.

International Professional Team

The International Professional Team for IFFAM includes Artistic Director, Head of Festival Management, Ambassadors, International Advisory Board as well as Programme Consultants. Mike Goodridge is appointed as Artistic Director, while Lorna Tee is Head of Festival Management.

The International Advisory Board consists of six film experts from Asia, Europe and the United States, including French producer Philippe Carcassonne, Chinese film director and producer Huang Jianxin, veteran American film producer based in the Asia-Pacific, Michael J. Werner, Korean producer Oh Jung-wan, leading producer and distribution expert from Hong Kong, Nansun Shi, and renowned Portuguese producer Luís Urbano.

The team of Programme Consultants includes Giovanna Fulvi (films from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan Region), Aseem Chhabra (films from India), Violeta Bava (films from Latin America), Fionuala Halligan (films from the United Kingdom and Europe) as well as Hiromi Aihara (films from Japan). In addition, June Wu, with her rich experience in international sales and distribution, will be returning as the Head of Industry for the 2nd IFFAM.

The team of Honorary Advisors includes Chief Officer, Corporate Communications and Corporate Affairs of Melco Resorts & Entertainment, Maggie Ma; Group Advisor of Galaxy Entertainment Group, Jorge Neto Valente; President and Executive Director of Wynn Resorts (Macau) S.A., Linda Chen, and President of Sands China Limited, Wilfred Wong.

Talent Ambassador – Miriam Yeung

Famed Asian actress and influential Cantopop figure, Miriam Yeung is one of the few female performers who excel in both acting and singing, with an array of awards from both fields under her belt. She is the much-loved heroine in the “Love Undercover” series and “Little Big Master”. In 2014, Miriam landed the Best Actress award in the Hong Kong Film Awards for her extraordinary performance in “Love in the Buff”.

Talent Ambassador – Jeremy Renner

Hollywood star Jeremy Renner garnered his Oscar nominations for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor for his critically acclaimed performance in “The Hurt Locker” and “The Town” respectively, in the 82nd and 83rd Academy Awards. Jeremy portrayed “Hawkeye” in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s international blockbusters, including “Thor” (2011), “The Avengers” (2012), “Avengers: Age of Ultron” (2015) and “Captain America: Civil War” (2016). In 2017, Jeremy costarred with Elizabeth Olsen in “Wind River”, which took a Un Certain Regard Prize in the 70th Cannes Film Festival.

IFFAM promotional video starring Jeremy Renner

The 2nd IFFAM specially invited Talent Ambassador Jeremy Renner to star in its promotional video. Scenes were shot against the backdrop of Macao and in Nevada, the United States by an international film crew. Jeremy Renner portrays a film editor, director and actor in the video, representing different professional roles in the film industry. With special effect that appears as a roll of film, the camera leads the audience to travel across streets and alleys in Macao and encounter famous local landmarks, uncovering myriad possibilities and navigating a boundless imaginative world set free by films. In the video, Jeremy Renner steps upon Macao’s skyscraping landmark, the Macau Tower, whereby he gazes at moments of life that hold different genuine affections. Whether it is one’s relationship with his/her lover, family or friends, or connections with other people or animals, it can be an inspiration for filmmakers. The video fully mirrors IFFAM’s unyielding determination to raise new talent, introduce forward-thinking perspectives and bring together East and West cultures across geographic boundaries as a far-reaching platform for exchange in the industry.

Talent Ambassador – Donnie Yen

Famed for his extraordinary skills in martial arts early on in the Chinese film industry, Donnie Yen has gained his strong presence as a prominent international action star through his role in the “Ip Man” movie series, as well as his presence in one of the “Star Wars” films in 2016 and “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage” in 2017. His outstanding portrayal in “Ip Man 3” earned him the nomination for Best Actor in the 10th Asian Film Awards.

Talent Ambassador – D.O., EXO

A member of boy band EXO and its sub-group EXO-K, D.O. is famous for his handsome looks, adorable character and his sensational R&B singing. He is one of the main vocalists in his band and began his acting career with his debut role as Choi Tae-young in “Cart” in 2014. Following that, he has costarred alongside different talented Korean actors and actresses including Cho Jung Seok and Park Shin-hye. In 2017, D.O. was nominated for Best New Actor (Film) and won the Most Popular Actor (Film) Award in the 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards for his performance in “My Annoying Brother”, which earned him the status of rising new star in the Korean film industry. 

Festival Ambassador and Masterclass Speaker – Director John Woo
Masterclass Topic: Surviving across the globe and effective skills in film-making

Director John Woo has started his filmmaking career in 1968 and has been carrying on his dedication to the film industry for nearly half a century. From the 1970s to 1980s, he established his reputation as a master stylist specializing in distinctly unique and ultra-violent gangster films and thrillers in Hong Kong. In the early 1990s, Woo ventured into Hollywood and was invited to direct “Face/Off” and “Mission: Impossible 2” among other global blockbusters. He returned to Chinese cinema a decade ago to continue his career. His latest film “Manhunt” is set in Japan and based on a Japanese novel, adding another string to his bow as a director who has shot films all around the world. In John Woo’s Masterclass in Macao, he will be sharing his remarkable experience, survival skills in the market as well as effective skills in filmmaking with the younger generations. Two emerging local film directors, Chan Ka Keong (director of the film series “Macau Stories”) and Tracy Choi (her directed work “Sisterhood” was nominated in the Competition Section of the 1st IFFAM), have been invited to join John Woo in the Masterclass to share their thoughts on the current film market and global mindset embraced by the younger generations.

Date: 4th November 2017

Venue: Macao Polytechnic Institute (Lecture Theatre No.1)

Internationally-acclaimed Hong Kong director John Woo began his career as an assistant director in Shaw Brothers Studio back in the 1970s, and produced films of various genres in Golden Harvest. His work “A Better Tomorrow”, produced by Cinema City in 1986, led to his fame as a prominent director of bestselling films and at the same time won the Best Film of the Hong Kong Film Awards. Following that, Woo directed an array of films including “Bullet in the Head”, “The Killer” and “Hard Boiled”, all of which had become bestselling films at home and abroad owing to his uniquely fascinating filming style. In 1993, he made his stride into Hollywood and directed a range of Hollywood blockbusters including “Face/Off” and “Mission: Impossible II”. In recent years he has returned to Chinese film productions. His works, including “Red Cliff” and “The Crossing”, has won the applause of local audiences.

His directed films include:

The Young Dragons (1973), The Dragon Tamers (1974), Hand of Death (1975), Princess Chang Ping (1976), Money Crazy (1977), Follow the Star (1978), Hello Late Homecomers (1978), Last Hurrah for Chivalry (1979), From Riches to Rags (1980), Laughing Time (1980), To Hell with the Devil (1982), Plain Jane to the Rescue (1982), The Time You Need a Friend (1985), Run Tiger Run (1985), A Better Tomorrow (1986), Heroes Shed no Tears (1986), A Better Tomorrow II (1987), The Killer (1989), Just Heroes (1989), Bullet in the Head (1990), Once a Thief (1991), Hard Boiled (1992), Hard Target (1993), Broken Arrow (1996), Face/Off (1997), Mission: Impossible 2 (2000), Windtalkers (2002), Paycheck (2003), Red Cliff (2008), Red Cliff: Part II (2009), The Crossing (2014), The Crossing: Part II (2015) and Manhunt (2017)

Masterclass Speaker –
Director Pang Ho-Cheung
Topic: How to write movie dialogues that do not sound like a ‘fake statement’

Date: 9th December 2017

There are times when one marvels at the story of a film but reckons there is something unknown but awkward. When a role speaks, why does it sound like a fake statement at the court – so detailed, intentional and accurate like textbook contents?

While creators spare no effort in building the structure and plots of their cinematic world, it is still a brutal fact that the more deliberately composed a dialogue is, the further it is from how we actually speak in the real world. How to write movie dialogues with a perfect balance between ‘authenticity’ and ‘information’?

Director Pang will explore the secret of film language together with participants.

Born in 1973, Pang Ho-Cheung is a transmedia creator with his all-round talent expressed as an author, screenwriter, producer, director, actor, host, book editor, photographer and installation artist.

In 2001, he directed his first film “You Shoot, I Shoot” and has directed 14 films ever since. His talent is fully showcased in the list of accolades he has garnered throughout his career path including the Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Director (Men Suddenly in Black) and the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Screenplay (Love in a Puff); Best Debut Director at the HKSAR 10th Anniversary Film Awards (You Shoot, I Shoot); the Best Film Orient Express Award at Oporto International Film Festival and the Best Feature Film Award at World Film Festival of Bangkok (Isabella); Mad Movies Award for the Maddest Film at the Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival (Dream Home), and the NETPAC Award at Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (Vulgaria). In 2017, his work “Love off the cuff”, the second sequel to the romantic comedy “Love in a Puff”, has earned over RMB 200 million in the box office across the world within the first three weeks after its release.

Pang Ho-Cheung has also partnered with international filmmakers and participated in overseas movie productions as a producer, including the Singaporean movie “Apprentice” and various Hollywood productions including “Border Crossing”, “Never Here” and “Dismissed”.

 “Local View Power”

“Local View Power” is a programme aiming to encourage and support local filmmakers to create quality local films, with much freedom provided for local filmmakers to express their creativity and experiment new ideas in their film productions. The programme has supported more than 90 local works since 2007 and fostered quality enhancement of local film productions.

The call for film production proposals has entered the final phase for the latest edition of “Local View Power”, which covers the categories of documentary, short feature and animation. The submitted proposals have been evaluated by professionals and selected teams will receive financial and technical support for them to transform their proposals into films. The programme aims to boost the creative spirit of the city and grow together with the local film industry.

For more information about “Local View Power”, http://www.ccm.gov.mo/programme/prog17/LVP2017/LocalViewPower.htm